The Humira Incident

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I really do love Humira. It has helped me huge crazy lots. All the other medications took me from 10% of normal to 70% of normal, which is pretty great. But Humira has brought me to 95-100% of normal. And I am so grateful!

On the downside … the injections. My rheumy showed me the first time. Two weeks later when it was up to me, I didn’t remember how the pen worked. I ended up with a massive bruise, and a slightly bruised ego too. And after a few injections, I discovered that injecting into my belly is not for me. After some hints and tricks from another RA patient, I felt like Humira injections were mastered. And everything has been just ducky for nearly a year.

Today I had a first though … so I thought I’d share. Just because.

I was in the middle of cooking this afternoon and I realized that I had twice ignored my iPhone reminders for my injection. I was afraid I’d forget my dose. So I quick ran upstairs for a bandaid and grabbed my supplies (alcohol swab, injector pen, etc.). In the middle of this cooking endeavor, I stopped to do my injection.

Probably I shouldn’t have been rushing. Probably I should have stuck to my usual schedule. But either way … I had a little incident.

When I injected the Humira today I must have hit a blood vessel because I had seriously spurting blood for about 30 seconds. That’s never happened before. It was a little freaky … maybe even a bit scary. Thankfully the blood clotted pretty quickly. And hopefully I won’t have much of a bruise. Next time I will look for blood vessels close the surface of my skin …

All in the fun day of an RA patient!


  1. Nan Hart
    Jul 29, 2011

    WOW sounds scary. In all the year so self injection that has not happened to me thank goodness but it did happen at the hospital when I was getting set up for a remicade infusion….glad you were able to stay calm…not sure I would have! Nan

    • thislusciousra
      Jul 29, 2011

      Hi Nan – Thanks for stopping by! I was pretty surprised by this incident, but it really wasn’t that dramatic. Glad I was right near some t.p. to catch the blood though. 🙂 Be as well as you can! Barbara

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