Nearly a Year

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It’s been nearly a year since my RA diagnosis, and that timeline has been on my mind so much lately. There have been many ups and downs, but generally my sense of the prognosis is a positive one.

I take many more medicines than this time last year. And yet they are making a tremendous difference in my life.

I take many fewer naps, and have been able to be more active in my life. While naps are kind of fun, it’s better when they are a choice and not a necessity.

I hope that (for now) I’ve learned a lot more about where my limits are. I work less, I rest actively more. I have enjoyed and treasured slowing down because that’s brought me time spent with family.

I spend some time on Twitter with a terrific group of folks – most of whom are also living with RA or another chronic / autoimmune illness. This makes me feel empowered and part of a tribe that genuinely cares about each other.

I’ve learned that asking for help is good. And that toughing it out can lead to some serious downsides – typically not worth refusing to ask for help.

Despite healthcare reform, I am more concerned about my husband’s ability to retire since it is his job that provides my health insurance. It makes me want to find time to be politically active … although we’ll see how that fits in my life’s priorities.

I am so grateful for the good things in life – both those I can do easily, and those which take more effort. It’s all luscious!


  1. Mark
    Nov 1, 2010

    Fantastic that you are coping and adapting well and hope it remains that way too.

    • thislusciousra
      Nov 1, 2010

      Thanks Mark! I hope it gives us all a feeling that we can stick together and make it through. And I’m quite aware that all this good stuff could change in the blink of an eye. (Just as it seemed to with my initial symptoms …)

  2. Dana
    Nov 1, 2010

    Great that the meds are making a difference for you! I hope they remain effective. I feel like the first year was one of my toughest, because there’s a lot to figure out, and it can be scary!

    • thislusciousra
      Nov 3, 2010

      It is scary! And I am so grateful for all the blogs and community online to lend help and support. Thanks for visiting!

      • Vonda Laffey
        Jun 11, 2015

        HI. I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist (in Illinois) and have RA.

        Please help me with info and advice on how you continue to work and function. I’m about to be put on a biologic, so maybe that will improve my symptoms and outlook.

        Any advice or encouragement is appreciated. Vonda Laffey

        • thislusciousra
          Jun 11, 2015

          Vonda – thanks so much for reaching out. This is a blog I did several years ago. I’ve been blogging more recently at, where I share a lot more information about what I’ve learned. Hopefully you’ll find it encouraging! I’m still massaging, but also wrote a book about this whole experience last year. You can read more about that at Lots of free ideas and info – this is 100% about helping people, and I have such empathy for other LMTs. There are so many answers out there and I hope I can help! Barbara

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